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Here you’ll find various tools you can use to make your job easier. Feel free to upload any tool’s that you may find useful.

Cleanfeed  -  A web based remote audio tool. For instance, connecting a DJ who is in a remote location, like a festival or venue back to the studio DJ. Popular with Podcasters. What is nice is that it does not require additional software to work and it has better sound than Skype.

Anchor - Similar to Cleanfeed. It was created for Podcasts but you can connect to do interviews or calls.

BUTT – From will connect with your login.

FeenPhone – FeenPhone is a program that does the same as CleanFeed. A little bit more difficult to set up and is needed on both ends. FeenPhone is no longer supported.

MP3Tag – This is a great tool to fix the metadata on your song files.

MP3Gain - Adjust the gain to a specified DB or LUFS. (I set mine to 97%)

MixMeister - This will calculate the Beat-Per-Minute and apply it to the Metadata. 

PlayItRecorder – From the company that makes my broadcast software. Does the same as FreeSoundRecord except it doesn’t have the extra bloatware.

Playlist Creator – Use Playlist Creator to…well… create a playlist. I use it to create my shows, then load it into PlayIt Live. I save all my shows and can load an old show in a matter of seconds. It will create an M3U or PLS (for WinAmp) format.

Musify - This will download songs from Youtube, Spotify and other. You can download the album with the link to the playlist on Youtube. For Spotify grab the shareable link.

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